c-mine jani

All those who visit Genk cannot go past C-mine without going in. This awe-inspiring nest for entrepreneurs, artists, students and culture aficionados breathes a unique atmosphere. On the former Winterslag site, respect for the industrial past goes hand in hand with contemporary artistic activity.

There is a great deal to do both in and around the former mine buildings. Did you know that you can take a C-mine expedition? A must for all those who want to discover Genk's rich mining past!

The impressively restored Energy building is the beating heart of C-mine. Among others, you will find C-mine visitor’s centre, where you can go directly with all your questions regarding the site and what there is to see and do in Genk and the surrounding area.

Walk into the shop at the visitor’s centre. You will spot some nice gadgets and original gifts. But you can also get hold of tickets for a show or tourist activity.

Click here for the virtual tour or discover C-mine in 360°!