Out and about in the Vennestraat with the free booklet ‘Food & Co’

Vennestraat starts in the shadow of C-mine, literally. It is Genk’s cosmopolitan artery, with its restaurants and cafes, specialised shops and galleries, and its fresh market every Saturday. Together, C-mine and Vennestraat offer an exciting pairing: while one inspires and fascinates, the other offers relaxation and enjoyment.

Over the past few years, and with lots of loving attention, Vennestraat has transformed into a street full of sensual delights. It’s a street that invites you to wander and stroll, and to sample its mouth-wateringly delicious popular foods.

Where to go if you want your choice of 18 types of pasta? What’s the name of that place where they have that traditional Belgian miners’ beer on tap? Where can you take a bite out of those delicious Genk-style cookies? The free booklet ‘Soul food in de Vennestraat’ guides you to shops, cafes and restaurants with origins all over the world. From a Turkish supermarket over a Greek restaurant or an Italian specialty shop to a cozy Flemish coffee house. The booklet comes with a handy map, a brief description of each business and tips for fun day trips, such as art galleries, pop-up shops or antiquing – it’s all listed in here.

Pick up your free booklet at the C-mine visitor reception desk.

C-Mine 10 bus 2 - 3600 Genk
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