Where to park?

Do you enjoy coming to Genk and shop, to eat out or to just relax?

The city is easily accessible by public transport or by bike.

Travelling by car? Then park wisely.

  • In Genk, there are a number of free parking spots, both in the city centre and in the popular shopping streets. You can park here for an unlimited period and they are always in walking distance.
  • Do you prefer to park near the centre? Feel free to use one of the underground car parkings. If you want to park in the city centre for a longer period, this is the most affordable solution.

Do you have a quick errand to run? Park right in front of the door and take advantage of a short free parking session. But please note: short-term parking = number plate registration!

Free long-term parking

At the edge of the park-and-pay zones, various options for free long-term parking are available, all within walking distance of the city centre.

The relevant locations for the city centre are:

  • Hooiplaats: 165 free parking spots
  • Limburghal: 430 free parking spots - Accessible via Jaarbeurslaan
  • Europalaan - molenvijver: 200 free parking spots – Accessible via Europalaan

Other free peripheral car parks are located near shopping zones:

  • Vennestraat:
    • C-mine: 910 free parking spots
    • Parking at rear, Vennestraat: 50 free parking spots - accessible via Hoefstadstraat
    • Parking Colruyt: 95 free parking spots (only after supermarket closing time)
  • Stalenstraat:
    • Parking at rear, Stalenstraat 130 free parking spots - Accessible via Stalenstraat 119-123 or via Stalenstraat 67-77
  • Hoevenzavellaan:
    • Minderbroeders site: 58 free parking spots
    • Risstraat: 57 free parking spots

Parking in public garages

Rather park near the city centre? You can also park your car in one of these underground public garages: This is the most affordable option if you want to park in the city centre for a longer period of time.

Paid short-term parking

Do you have a quick errand to run? Park right in front of the door and take advantage of a free 1 hour parking session.

There are 4 payzones in for short-term parking in Genk: Genk Central, Vennestraat, Stalenstraat and Hoevenzavellaan.

  • These zones are paying zones from Monday through Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm.
  • You can park in these zones for a maximum of 1,5 hours.
  • Each day, you are awarded one free session of max 1 hour in each of these zones.
  • After the free parking session, the following rates apply:
    • Genk Central zone: red rate - 2,5 euros/30 minutes
    • Vennestraat zone, Stalenstraat zone, Hoevenzavellaan: purple rate - 1 euro/30 minutes.
  • Don't forget to always register your numberplate, including for the free session, via the parking machine, de 4411-app of TEXT 4411.

Parking for the disabled

Reserved places are provided for those who hold a valid disabled parking pass, both in the pay zones and in car parks.

Parking in the pay zones

Holders of a valid parking card for the disabled have many possibilities to park nearby. There is the exception of reserved spots for permit holders, emergency workers and electric cars. For this purpose, people with disabilities can have two number plates at Genk.

People with disabilites who travel by car with an unregistered number plate, can also park in the official parking areas for people with disabilities. Registration of a number plate is not required in these areas, but the disabled person's card must be visibly placed behind the windscreen.

Parking in public car parks

Parking spaces for people with disabilities are also provided in public car parks (both in free and paying car parks) close to the entrances and exits.

The reserved parking spaces in the paying car parks are not exempt of a parking ticket, they are however, wider than a standard parking spot.