Taking a breather in the middle of the city? That's perfectly possible in the Molenvijver Park, a 10-hectare green resting point on the longitudinal axis of the Village Valley.

The Molenvijver Park takes its name from the pond along the old water mill, which is now a restaurant. Dream away with a good book, feed the ducks, relax on a bench, picnic at the design tables of Camp Carré ...

Also be sure to discover the swing installation "Swinging outside the Lines" swing installation!



Picnicking at Camp Carré

Picnicking in Genk's most beautiful park? It is possible!

Designer Linde Hermans transformed one location in the park into 'Camp Carré', where the emphasis is on nature, slow time and social contact. The designer picnic table will be perfect for a convivial group BBQ.

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The Molenvijver Park is part of the city park on Molenstraat, which you can visit freely.

In the Sundial Park, another part of the Genk city park, you will find 12 sundials. They link up with what can be seen and learned in the Heempark en Kattevennen.. Art and science reach out to each other here.

Next to the M Hotel, on the edge of the city park, is an old water mill. In this piece of history you dine deliciously.

Along Molenstraat, the park is lined with several beautiful villas (nos 68 to 86). Look for the striking villa 'La Maison Blanche' (no. 80), once the home of painter Armand Maclot.