The Molenvijver Park in the centre of Genk was originally a swampland that was fed by the Dorpsbeek. In 1967, the Molenvijvers were converted into a city park. The authentic watermill is now a restaurant.

You have a view from the Molenvijvers Park onto the most beautiful villas in Molenstraat. Number 80 is La Maison Blanche, the artist Armand Maclot’s villa. You’ll also find a sundial park here, with no fewer than 12 ways to tell the time.

Access is free of charge.

Be sure to discover the new swing installation "Swinging outside the Lines"!


Picnicking in Molenvijver park has been given a twist

Designer Linde Hermans transformed one location in the park into 'Camp Carré', where the emphasis is on nature, slow time and social contact. The designer picnic table will be perfect for a convivial group BBQ, but if you don’t want to lug food and equipment around, then why not order one of our picnic baskets packed with typical Genk (multi)culinary specialities.

To find the best picnic spots and routes spread all over the city, pick up a copy of our cycling map.