Yunus Emre - Sledderlo Turkish mosque

Slip off your shoes to enter the impressive prayer room, a space with 1200m2 of colourful carpeting, serene architecture, an impressive minbar and ornate Arabic writings. You can also start the day with a typical Turkish breakfast.


  • The tour is suitable for visitors from 8 years.
  • Refreshments are available in the mosque.
    • Turkish breakfast: 10 Euros per person (Turkish tea if preferred)
    • pastry or pizza: 2 Euros per person (pizza with meat or cheese)
    • drinks are available in the mosque

Guidelines visit

  • The mosque is a house of prayer and should be entered respectfully like other houses of worship (churches, synagogues, ...). That is why we want to draw your attention to the following guidelines:
  • open shirts / short skirts / shorts (both for women and men) are not appropriate. A t-shirt or shirt with short sleeves is allowed;
  • the prayer room is entered without shoes;
  • persons in a drunken state are not admitted;
  • please do not disturb the present believers in the mosque during their prayer.


Practical information

Duration: 1 hour
Maximum participants: 70
Please note:

Accessible to wheelchair users: Yes

Languages: Dutch/(French/German/English)*

Price information

Price: Paying
Standard price: 3 Euros per person - 1,50 Euros per person (Schools* and youth groups)

Group < 20 people: lump sum: 60 Euros - 30 Euros*

* The rate for schools applies only to primary and secondary schools.

Tour guide fee: 75 Euros per guide
Please note:

Supervisors:  two free admissions (schools and youth groups: free admission for all supervising adults)


Contactpersoon: Yen Celal

Gsm 0485/731488



Wintergroenstraat 61, 3600 Genk