The shortest way to the top

At the slagheap of Waterschei, little stone men or stacks of boulders show you the shortest way to the top of the old coal mountain. On a 3 km route to be precise.

Little stone is a fictional Little stone men that takes you on an adventure through Thor Park.

Little stone men have been used as a method of navigation in the West for some time. In Thor Park, the Stonemen show you the shortest way to the top of the terril. Recently, you discover the route with an interactive app. Through the HeritageApp, you discover the story of Steentje, a fictional little stone men who takes you into the wonderful world of the little stone men. Steentje knows all about heritage and nature in the area. On the tour, you will thus discover a number of animal species living in the National Park. Look for the skylark, natterjack toad and smooth snake, among others, and find out all about them! Oh and real sleuths? They will also find Little Stone on the way! The Little Stone Men is a true experience for young and old, ending with a breathtaking view of the Hoge Kempen National Park.

On the road with Little stone

Discover the Little Stone Men App
1. Download!

Download the Heritage app

2. Make your choice!

Open the app, click on the compass symbol and download the Steenmann trail. You can also find the walk in the map.

3. Discover!

The walk starts at Thor Central. Open the map and start exploring. You will automatically be notified when you are near an audio story. Have fun!