Praised by Time Magazine as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

“Walking on water is something that eludes most of us, but this cycle path in the north of Belgium offers an experience that is almost as divine

writes Time, the U.S. magazine. The cycle path is Belgium's only entry in Time's Top 100 destinations, which cover a total of 48 countries.

At junction 91 of the cycle network, you bike straight through the ponds of De Wijers at Domein Bokrijk, via a cycle path 212 metres long and 3 metres wide. There is water on both sides, at eye level. To the left and right of the cycle path, you look across the water surface. A very cool experience, very close to nature. You get to see, feel and smell the water.

However, the experience is unique even for bystanders, who can witness only the heads of the cyclists sticking out above the surface. Undoubtedly, this visual tour de force is a favourite experience of those out for a walk around here.

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