An arboretum is a museum for trees and shrubs. In the Netherlands, they’re even recognised and subsidised as such. They’re the ideal venue to experience biodiversity with your own eyes. There are different types of arboretums: geographically landscaped ones, systematically landscaped collections or simply scenic arboretums. All of these imply huge collections of plants that have some scientific significance. Scenic arboretums, like the one in Bokrijk, are a must-see for every gardening enthusiast.

With its eighteen hectares, this attractive garden in Genk is an immense museum of trees and shrubs. Come and experience it for yourself!

You can visually indulge yourself in the scenic part, the swamp garden and the forest arboretum. Each area represents a biotope that can occur anywhere in the world and in which specific flora (such as ferns, woody plants and herbs) grow. You’ll discover cozy seating areas and inspiring places while you experience the greenery’s various scents.

Good to know: the arboretum is open every day and free of charge.