Viewpoint ‘View on De Wijers’ – a view from the pond

‘View on De Wijers’ is installed in the barn of a former farm. It is covered by a green roof, composed of native grasses. This will grow to become a real eye-catcher. The viewpoint allows visitors to have direct contact with the water: via a low horizontal window, you can look across the water surface and admire pond life up close. Above the pond, a viewing platform offers a panoramic view of the area. Visitors will be interested to get the historical background behind the centuries-old system of locks, with its so-called 'monks'; and find out more about the local fauna and flora that this beautiful nature reserve has to offer. For the kids, an interactive game reveals the history of this place.

Viewpoint in the historical monument De Duiventoren in Ingelmunster - view from the Open Air Museum.

A specially constructed staircase on the outside of this protected tower building allows you to climb to the same height as the top of the building, no less than six metres high. From here, you get a beautiful view of the ponds and the cyclists passing by from the opposite direction. In this way, Bokrijk's various attractions are visually connected with each other.