The Stokkenman Route is a fun, 4.2-km-long family hike through the Kattevennen forests.

The Stokkenman Route starts at Kattevennen Visitor Reception.

With the help of an app, a game book or a storybook, you’ll discover the mysterious Stokkenmannen (‘Stick Men’) in the forest and you’ll get to know the story behind these special creatures. Along the way, you’ll meet little Stick Men. Observe carefully in which direction they are looking. This is their way of directing you to the next Stick Man.

Additionally, the Stokkenman Route lets you visit the prettiest parts of Kattevennen.

Both the walk and the story end when you’re back at Visitor Reception.

The Route, the story- and game book and the app are available at the Kattevennen Visitor Centre (€5)


Planetariumweg 18-19
3600 Genk, Belgium

Opening hours

April to October:
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November to March:
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Friday from 9 am to 4 pm
Saturday closed
Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm


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